2014 Week 23: Meet Miss Art3mis!

La De Blog - Art3mis Hedgehog Butt
Art3mis splat

Big news this week was that we rescued a new hedgehog and named her Art3mis after Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, which Z still needs to read. We adopted her through the Hedgehog Welfare Society. We had been on the waitlist for a girl hedgie for awhile and our friend Christina drove up to Beloit to put this one up – the owner had passed and left, I believe, two other hedgies and a macaw? Art3mis is a very large hedgehog and overweight, but she runs A LOT – inspiring! Z and I’ve been working to socialize her and slept with fleece which we’ve put into her pigloo to familiarize her with our sent. She’s in quarantine for a month to make sure she doesn’t have anything contagious to pass on to Katniss. Then she’ll go into the condo unit below Katniss. We can’t wait to see if they’ll be hedge friends, though my guess is they’ll just tolerate one another.

This week: Adopted a new hedgebaby! lunch with Heather at Upton’s Breakroom. Music Box. Dinner @ Sticky Rice Chiang Mai/Margie’s Candies with Donovan, Dillon, & Elisse. Dinner @ Sticky Rice Chiang Mai (not a typo) with Jen S, her mom, and Jen L. LCBday brunch at Honey Butter Fried Chicken (way more veggie stuff than you’d think a fried chicken place would have). Steve R.’s housewarming party where I reconsidered owning a condo. Heidi & Ed bday hangs at Township. Leah & Tim’s housewarming tennis party. I had to bow out of a few events this week because it was so busy that I needed a little time for me

Can we talk about how excited I am for this Beverly record to come out July 1st? I know I posted it in my rambling Rocketship post from last week, but I think it’s real good, yinzers.

Films watched 23rd week of the year:

All That Jazz
The Dance of Reality
The Kings of Summer

I swear I watched All that Jazz in the last few months, but I didn’t journal it, so perhaps I dreamed it? Still good again – some real pretty dance numbers. I think the first time I was just looking for something to watch, but this time I watched it knowing that Bob Fosse directed it about his own life. To direct a movie about your own life and downfall and how bad of a person you think you might be; that is pretty bananas.

Jodorowsky’s The Dance of Reality was one of the most tame films of his that I have seen, but I am not done with his back catalog – Z and I started watching them from the beginning, but there’s just not enough time in the day.

The Kings of Summer was quite good. It reminded me of a childhood favorite, the Sandlot, with a great mix of bitter and sweet. Also, it’s fun to see Moises Arias, who played Rico from Hannah Montana, growing up on film. He is becoming a really good actor.

And speaking about dudes building a house in the middle of nowhere, why would I not link to this Drums live performance on KEXP because they’re going in to record a new album soon and HI, they are so great!

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