2014 Week 14: Films watched

Films watched 14th week of the year:

About Time
The Last Dragon
Blood Simple
Jodorowsky’s Dune *

* documentary

Being a feminist, I felt like this Onion article while watching About Time and Jodorowsky’s Dune. Sure, About Time was a romcom that was fun to watch, but I could not stop thinking that the film was fairly misogynistic that only dudes can time travel and then they get to manipulate women into situations that were amenable to them. SPOILER ALERT: there is a scene where Tim first has sex with Mary and then he keeps going back in time 5+ times to do it all over again. Really rubbed my brain the wrong way. Changing the destiny of the sex of his baby by his selfish acts of wanting to time travel. There are some things deeply wrong with that film, but then there are moments of brilliance showing Tim’s relationship with father, played by Bill Nighy.

With Jodorowsky’s Dune, looking back at this boy’s club Jodorowsky pulled together to create ticked me off and, while I am sure this was the norm back then, it’s still gross to me. The only woman interviewed was The film itself was quite good and it’s clear to see that this version should absolutely have been made. Now, for what really soured me on the film. Jodorowsky makes a joke about rape in the film and the half full theatre at the Music Box belly-laughed. Z says it’s because Jodorowsky is just a crazy old dude, but I don’t buy that. He is a true visionary with a downright ridiculously creative mind. It saddens me that the only way he can think to describe his vision of Dune compared to Frank Herbert’s novel is rape; rape of a bride, nonetheless. It’s downright pathetic especially when he was a product of rape himself (source: Wikipedia).

Somehow I never saw Blood Simple. I liked it, but not my fave Coen Brothers film. I think I heard about The Last Dragon from an Instagram user. Really fun, absolutely silly 80’s movie. Worth a watch, for sure.

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