2014 Week 13: You say sweet potato, I say sweet potato

La De Blog - Maple Sweet Potato Pecan Burgers
Maple Sweet Potato Pecan Burgers

This week: Fat Willy’s/Muppets with Z & the Jarvises. Yuzu with Ashley. Divergent with Eliza/Jerroid. Shokolad with Gretchen & Margie. Rachel & Tanner’s wedding celebration – nice to attend a celebration filled with so much love and joy and malört. Speaking of, at R&T’s celebration, I made Malör-chata and you should try it! Just mix malört into horchata. Also, look at this amazing poster someone made –> here. Saturday was Street clean-up of Thomas from Damen to Western with small but mighty group of neighbors and we celebrated our job with dinner and drinks at Takito! For his March vow dinner, Z cooked maple sweet potato pecan burgers from The Tolerant Vegan which were a pain in the bum, but totally worth it in my opinion. Recipe here.

Films watched 13th week of the year:

Muppets Most Wanted
Pete Smalls is Dead

MMW was really fun and I liked it more than the first reboot Muppets movie. You know what one of my fave cameos ever in a movie was? Pacey & Joey in Muppets in Space!

Divergent was a nice DIVERsion. I also finished reading Allegiant over the weekend. I enjoyed the series, but the last book is my fave, by far, and I think that will make one awesome movie. The first one; not so much. Jerroid said something like: “I had idea what was going on for the first 3/4 of the movie” and he had not read the books. It seems to be doing well at the box office though, for some reason. Casting for Tris was great and Four was stupid.

I thought I had seen Goodfellas, but apparently not, because I only remembered little bits here and there. I had no idea Ray Liotta was even the star. Wah wah. I used to love gangster movies and I guess this one was fine.

Peter Dinklage not used to the best of his dinkability in Pete Smalls is Dead. Not really worth a watch. Mostly, I wanted this movie to just be Peter Dinklage hanging out with his awesome pittie Buddha.

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