2013 Week 7: You bring feeling to my life. You’re my SPINspiration.

La De Blog - Farro with brussel sprouts

Tweekly make: wedding save our dates, the wedding website, and the delicious thrown together dinner pictures above. For Vegan Vednesday, I made Trader Joe’s 10-minute farro, tossed in some sauteed TJ’s brussel sprouts and garlic, a bit of Beautiful Briny Sea truffle salt, squeezed the juice of one lime over it, and a splash of olive oil. This was one of the best dishes I think I have ever made. The three servings I had of leftovers were equally satisfying. Yum x 100.

Had an initial visit with a new doctor since my doctor moved to Evanston. Saw four movies in the theatre this week. Had gin drinks at Scofflaw with Jen and Amanda. Went to Casa del Puebla with coworkers. Discovered Goody Good Stuff candies, which are vegetarian (no gelatin or confectioner’s glaze) and some are vegan. They even have gummy peaches!!!

Awesome spin classes this week and my fave instructor Julie set my spin shoe cleats up so they are now perfect for riding. She is my SPINspiration. I bet she will love that I just called her that. My pants are all hanging so loose around my waist and I hate wearing belts! I refuse to buy a new pair of pants until I am fully two sizes down. Since I started spinning 7 weeks ago, I have not been losing weight because my body is gaining muscle and toning up somewhat. I want to add another class or two in during the week, but my dance card has been so full lately.

Films watched 7th week of the year:

I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale *
Phantom of the Paradise
Die Hard 2
Django Unchained
Beautiful Creatures
Calamari Union ** [Finland]

* documentary
** foreign language

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  1. that is so awesome! I love spin classes. Leigh you are being my SPINspiration to go to some again!

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