2013 Week 23: For whom the Bellwether tolls

La De Blog - Tiny Cover Band @ Hideout (Bellwether)
Tiny Cover Band @ Hideout (Bellwether)

My dayjob’s new hire orientation held Wednesday and Thursday at work left me wiped out this week. Shipped goods to White Rabbit in Iowa City and started selling my veggie vampire tea towels at my beloved Plenty Grocery & Deli. Celebrated my two year anniversary at PortionPac. Sold at Bellwether this weekend, which was a really awesome multimedia treat. There were at least 5 other festivals, a half 5k, Dose market, and both Cubs and Sox were in town that I knew of happening, so we had mega competition. Attendance was on the low side, but everyone who was at Bellwether had an excellent time. Lots of happy faces taking part in the workshops, watching the mobile and stationary bands, enjoying the dog parade, checking out the vendors. I had been meaning to check out Tiny Cover Band for a few years now and I finally got to see them! Jack (Ethically Engineered) and I had the best booth neighbors. Worker B came down from Minneapolis to hawk their honey and honey-based skincare products. New favorite honey!

I hurt my back from all the standing at Do Division last weekend while wearing improper shoes, so I took it easy on the gym and subbed long neighborhood walks in for spin. I did however made it to my favorite class before Bellwether started on Saturday.

Films watched 23rd week of the year:

Dangerous Living – Coming Out in the Developing World *
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives ** [ Thailand ]

* documentary
** foreign language

Uncle Boonmee ethereal and beautiful; a win. Dangerous Living felt so dated and it is always weird to me seeing/hearing Janeane Garofalo be serious, but I bet it was groundbreaking at the time it came out.

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