2013 Week 22: Love is love is love.

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Saw my first and possibly last movie at the Patio Theater; they are closing for the summer since they can’t afford to pay to fix the air conditioning. Spin x2. Squasht by Les 3-Year Anniversary Party! Dropped off favors for Aubri’s bachelorette party and I hope she liked them! Dropped off goods at Local Goods. Dinner @ Takito with Stacy. Sold at the mostly rainy but very fun Do Division and had Eliza and Esther fill in for me while I was at Ginny & Gabe wedding happenings! Attended Ginny & Gabe’s wedding and got to see so many friends I hadn’t seen assembled in one room in years!

Ginny and Gabe’s wedding was the first civil union Z and I had been to. There was so much joy in the room. Definitely some of the best vows we had ever heard. Ginny is a very longtime friend and former roommate. I have seen her grow up so much and when I met Gabe, I knew that Ginny had found her other half. These women are meant to be together but our state does not allow them to be legally married. I know we’ll change this soon. I feel that common sense will overcome. It must. When did you choose to be straight? Love is love.

Films watched 22nd week of the year:

Star Trek: Into Darkness
Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers *
The Story of Mr. Sorry ** [ Korea ]

* documentary
** foreign language

I was let down by the first two films watched this week. I mean, I enjoyed both of them, but I had high hopes for both. ST:ID was fun, but I loved the first of the reboot series so much that I knew it’d be hard to get even close. And come on, a documentary about garlic!? Anyone who knows me would think I would love it, but it was way too lovey dovey hippie wippie for me. Also, there were far too many dead piglets being stuffed with garlicky filling. I would love to see an actual history of garlic. Can someone kickstart that? I will back you.

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