2012 Week 46: One holiday craft fair down, two to go!

This week. Celebrated two friends getting engaged. Made brand new products. Had an amazing time at DIY Trunk Show. Went to a vegan bake sale @ Quesadilla. Monday was the 5 year anniversary of Laini’s passing. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of her. I have a lot of friends, but the bond that I had with Laini was a special one. She was full of boundless energy against all the odds. I am Agnostic, but there are moments when I feel like she is hanging around when there are very happy moments in my life. I feel like if she were around, she would definitely be making something crafty and selling it. She was so freakin’ crafty. OK, tearing up now. I feel like a jerk because I did not call her parents this week, but all the craziness of fair prep left me working late every single night this week.

DIY Trunk Show was a win! I love one day craft fairs because I get to take a day off on Sunday to relax after an exhausting day of selling before going back to work the next day. I met so many amazing new customers and got to see old customers. It warmed my heart that one customer bought two bean onesies and one of them was for her future baby who is not yet conceived! When it happens, she is going to use the onesie to show her husband that they are pregnant! How flipping rad is that?! Another thing that made DIY Trunk Show so wonderful was having one of my favorite booth neighbors yet: Christina Ward. Her Etsy shop is here. Coming up next, I have Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Chicago and then Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland. For DIY Trunk Show, I had two brand spanking new items: Chicago Stocking Christmas card and Corgi Ruled Moleskine Notebook (pictured above) and a tote bag featuring my bean design because people totes love totes.

More Rhymes with Twee news: one of my longtime loves, Paper Doll, is stocking select Rhymes with Twee cards now. I am super psyched to be selling at Paper Doll because it is my go-to for card buying. I’ve got to say that I am pretty excited that the next time I go in there, my cards will be out! Eek!

Films watched 46th week of the year:

The Band That Wouldn’t Die*
Wreck-It Ralph
!Women Art Revolution*
Twilight: New Moon
Twilight: Eclipse
Twilight: Breaking Dark, Part 1


In The Band That Wouldn’t Die, I kept thinking that the bandleader was super familiar and it turns out he had spoken about Kevin Clash in Being Elmo. I know that more of that story is still churning, but I feel like the whole picture may never come to light. From that documentary, Kevin seemed like a truly good person.

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