2012 Week 45: This cake is pleased to mead you…

This week FLEW by:

  • Tilda training
  • Thrilled that Obama is able to finish what he started
  • Spontaneous Amanda/Stacy hang at Division Ale House
  • Checked out a new neighborhood store called Paperish Mess
  • Pre-JV dinner at Native Foods with Steph, Z, and Mark
  • JV opening for Crooked Fingers @ Schubas [that moment where you hear David Bazan’s liony voice behind you while you are backstage and you get strangely nervous!]
  • Coworker’s baby showers
  • Cooking up Change
  • Brunch with Sarah vG and co. at Wishbone
  • CakeFork @ Beth’s
  • Post-CakeFork dinner at Bite
  • Sold my first bottle of LAK lacquer!
  • Re-made my two Chicago Christmas cards and brainstormed a new and awesome Chicago Christmas card that I still need an inside message for.
  • For DIY Trunk Show next Saturday, November 17th, Rhymes with Twee is Booth 140, on a corner because I am a vendor sponsor. Come say hello, friends & fans!

    For CakeFork this year, I made this Apple Honey Bundt Cake with Fuji apples, subbing in pumpkin for vegetable oil, leaving out walnuts, and making up a mead glaze (recipe below). I ended up winning the write-in category. People wrote in these things for my cake: “autumnal,” “honey-licious,” “best use of alcohol/medieval beverage/creative ingredients,” and “deliciously medieval”. Color me PROUD!

    Mead Glaze

    1/2 cup mead
    1 cup powdered sugar, plus additional for serving

    Whisk together mead and powdered sugar. Drizzle over still warm cake and dust with additional powdered sugar.

    Films watched 45th week of the year:

    The Girlfriend Experience
    The American Scream*


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