2012 Week 16: A bunch of birthdays and Record Store Day

This happened on Friday night. I was thrilled to finally have been able to celebrate Rachel S.’s birthday with her for once. This time of year there are always heaps of birthdays and for some reason I have never been able to make it to one of Rachel’s for some reason. Friday night her bday plans were ice cream at Margie’s and then dinner at Lazo’s, but Z and I had to skip dinner to make it to Amy F.’s bday drinks at Matchbox. So, my dinner was ice cream. Rachel and her friend Molly got the KING GEORGE at Margie’s Candies. Photographic evidence above that we ordered and finished the 30 scoop behemoth. Not sure how many people actually ended up digging in. My guess was 12-15, but Z guessed 20? It took 28 minutes.

Also this weekend was Record Store Day. Record Store Day has caused a lot of debate between me and my boo and my friends. Sure, I was excited that Numero Group was doing their pop-up shop right down the street from us at the Bottle, but then I read this that Patrick from Saki had posted and my opinion changed. I love the label. I love what they are doing for vinyl. My first Chicago friend, Dustin Drase, now works for Numero. I love the owners. Tom is our neighbor, which we just found out last week when we saw him walking his dog. However, I completely empathized with Patrick’s post. Money spent at the Numero pop-up was money that could not be spent in a record store on that day. I worked at an awesome record store in the early 00’s. It was called Now! Music and Fashion in Arlington, VA. It was everything a record store should be and it started off great, but when the neighborhood started turning over and people stopped buying, it went through two moves and then it died. Things are different today and Chicago is home to such amazing record stores that all seem to be doing okay. Sure, there is not a ton of overlap between fans buying at the pop-up shop and fans who will buy at actual record stores, but I know there is some. Why not do the pop-up a separate weekend in 2013? Because I had made brunch plans before my stance on the pop-up had changed, I ate at Bite with pals and, though I did venture into the pop-up shop next door, I did not buy anything. I bought a 7″ at Laurie’s Planet of Sound and a Monks cd and the Unrest mug at Saki. I also got to see a set by Bare Mutants, who I was very impressed by. Long live RECORD STORE day. Even in its’ short life, it’s become commercial with people standing in long lines only to hawk sought after stuff on eBay when they get home, but what’s wrong with having a day to celebrate the shops that mean so much to so many? Let’s leave RECORD STORE in RECORD STORE DAY.

Let’s go back to happy news that Z just relayed to me off Facebook: Our friends Annie and Jason are engaged! Also, now that it’s past midnight, it is Annie’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Annie!

Films watched 16th week of the year:

OSS 117: Lost in Rio
Alex in Wonderland
30 Minutes or Less
Fresh (2009) *
Hot Coffee*
Once More with Feeling


Totally loved FRESH. I know, I know. How many documentaries about how much better locally-grown food is for us vs. processed crap can I watch, right? Zachary won’t even watch anymore of them with me, HOWEVER, I learn from each and every one that I watch. This time I learned about Growing Power, which I feel silly for not knowing about, being so close to Milwaukee. This documentary was not as flashy as Food, Inc. which I also loved, but it was definitely worth watching; lots of beautiful, happy animals and passionate people. I love these things.

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  1. hey lady – check out “Food Fight”, “Cook your Life” and “Chemercial” a few really good documentaries we watched last night.

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