2012 Week 15: Creativi-twee

Super productive week. Got my taxes done and saw that One Strange Bird was right across the street, so I finally dropped in. Awesome little shop. Because of stopping by, I made the connection that a class I had been considering taken was taught there! So, on Saturday, I took my first Dabble class: Linocut printmaking taught by owner Nicole Northway. The above photo is a picture of the lino block I carved and the prints that resulted from it. I predict many lino blocks in Rhymes with Twee’s future. At work, I noticed that one of the screws from my glasses was coming out and a simple tiny screwdriver wasn’t cutting it. I ended up having to drop in to Labrabbit, where Coyote fixed them! Coyote also showed me great frames made in the USA!

Films watched 15th week of the year:

Bending All the Rules
Into the Abyss*
ADULT.’s Three Grace(s) Triptych
Source Code
Truly Madly Deeply
Today’s Special


CIMMfest made it possible for me to see the film Three Graces that ADULT. made and then played the score live to. It was unnerving; like Matthew Barney meets Alejandro Jodorowsky but with a 99% female cast. Though I was certain I was going to have nightmares afterwards, I somehow avoided them. I am watching Today’s Special right now and I need to go eat some Indian food ASAP.

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