Peacock Volcano by Jessica Gonacha

It’s been too long! I was swamped with preparing for Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland and DEPART-ment, but then I just needed a break.  I’ve been creating a lot lately and made a couple gifts to be given as Christmas presents.  Check my Flickr:

I favorited Jessica Gonacha’s Etsy site awhile back.  Then I noticed that she favorited me back a couple days ago.  Then I had a convo from her asking about my flaky croissant cards and could she get multiple cards?  Now we are swapping.  My cards and other assorted goodies for a mini lino block print on wood and a print.  I could not be more psyched.  It’s always a big pat on the back when you find out other people like the stuff that you make.

Jessica Gonacha is a fine artist living in Duluth, GA (formerly of Boulder, CO) that makes a wide array of things.  Collages, coasters, tables, cards.  Abstracts and animals.  She is also all over the internet like me.  Also, her middle name is Leigh.  How cool, right?!

Peacock Volcano by Jessica Gonacha
Nacha average artist (apologies for the bad pun):

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