Hand-painted Flour Dough Love Convo Pins by My Maeum (Stella Yoon)

Stella Yoon makes sweet artwork that would not be wrongly called (he)artwork. She has cards featuring the same character trying to tow a gigantic Christmas tree, making a snow angel, and trying to eat snow. My favorite product that she was selling at her Renegade booth this weekend were her the hand-painted flour dough love convo pins. It’s a long name for a pretty simple, but very sweet product. The description of her company name pulled from her website perfectly summarizes her craft style: “Maeum is the Korean word for heart. There is a different word when referring to the physical heart and maeum’s usage is reserved for talking about the heart’s emotional state.”  I ended up buying two of these, but I kind of want to keep them both for myself.

hand-painted flour dough love convo pins by My Maeum (Stella Yoon)

Take heart: