Gifts for brew loving dudes & dudettes

When I first met my boyfriend Zachary, I had maybe had the combined total of 2 beers in my life. As our dating matured, so did his taste for craft brews. Seeing how much he loved the stuff, I wondered if maybe there was something I was missing after the watery stuff I had consumed in the past. Turns out that I really like stouts; beers as black as night. There’s a craft beer explosion these days and, especially being a crafter, I am on board. Heck, my newest card is inspired by beer, but that will come next post. Here’s a round-up of a few things that a beer aficionado you know might like; a beer stocking that would be the perfect home for a Southern Tier Choklat this Christmas; vegan beer soap made in Chicago by my buddy Jack; and a shirt for beer snobs so they’ll look cool on their next brewery tour. Enjoy responsibly, of course.

Stalking the perfect stocking:

Beer in the bathroom:

Booze tees are better than band tees:

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