2014 Week 6: Life’s too short to not eat vegan rice crispy treats

La De Blog - My Vegan Valentine Booty
My Vegan Valentine Booty, from Paper Moon Pastry

Paper Moon Pastry (Chicago) is hoping to open the retail store soon. Hey, you can help on –> IndieGoGo. The peanut butter rice crispy thing above was flipping amazing. One of the best things. I want to eat one every day. I also have a soft spot because their name is the name of my favorite and very veggie-friendly diner in Baltimore, Papermoon. Hey, speaking of being veggie-friendly, I won’t be going to Stan’s Donuts and here is why. Being vegetarian is HILARIOUS, apparently.

This week: Dropped car at Augusta Paulina to finally get the mirror replaced. Dropped the car at Honda for safety recall. Kimmi made Z and I breakfast and then Kimmi and I went to the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Watch meeting @ Ukrainian Museum of Art. Went to Quesadilla with Amy, Ethan, & Val. My mom turned 70! Gave away used bubble mailers and LP mailers. My Vegan Valentine @ Paper Moon Bakery. Watched a lot of Veronica Mars while trying to get my tax crap together. Am so glad I have my crafter pals to commiserate with over them. Every year I swear I’ll get ahead of them, but then it’s suddenly April. Gah.

Also: Finished reading ‘City of Lost Souls’, the 5th book in The Mortal Instruments series. The 6th and final book ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ comes out at the end of May. If you’re looking for a quick read that also helps improve your vocabulary, then I recommend this series. Cassandra Clare is not reinventing the wheel here, but I have really enjoyed reading the series and her excellent wordsmithery. There are a lot of little indie rock nerd jokes thrown in and actual laugh out loud bits. I wasn’t happy with the casting of the film version of the first book ‘City of Bones’, so I didn’t go see it in the theater. It kind of bombed and I’m shocked to hear they are making the second one. Wish that hadn’t stopped the production company from making the other three His Dark Materials series films. I hope that one day, once our world becomes liberal enough to not have large chunks of it decry a film because the author is an atheist and the novels mention killing God (absolutely not in a Satanic way) that they’ll make all three films. I think seeing them on film would be spectacular.

Films watched 6th week of the year:

Monster’s University
The Boy Friend
The Sapphires
A Haunted House

3/4 ain’t bad. MU was adorable, but not as much heart as the original. The creatures in it are so flipping adorable though.

The Boy Friend = wow! Z mentioned that he hoped the Gene Siskel Film Center would do a Ken Russell retrospective and show a bunch of his early films. GOOD GOD – what a beautiful film to watch. I feel Twiggy was made fun of for being a terrible actor, but she was perfectly cast in this one. This is a film you should watch if you love beautiful production. If you don’t believe me, click on this link and skip to 11 minutes in and watch 10 seconds, stop it and then put the darn thing on your Netflix queue, ya dingus. KEN RUSSELL, that madman that he was had a gigantic turntable built for one of the coolest dance sequences of all time. MIND EXPLOSION.

The Sapphires – I went into it thinking it would be like That Thing You Do, with Chris O’Dowd in the Tom Hanks role and to some degree it was, but it was a great and a MOSTLY TRUE story. Really! Really! And it was written by the son of one of the members. Also, I absolutely LOVED the assortment of women’s body sizes in this film! Love!

Not even worth wasting e-ink about AHH. I laughed a couple of times. A perfectly acceptable background movie.

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