2014 Week 19: Bday, Tweeday.

This week: Z and I took Kirstie to Handlebar for a belated birthday dinner. The new UVNA board met with the old UVNA board to discuss the changing of the guard. Delicious bday boo dinner @ Lula. Cooked all day getting ready for my taco/pie 35th bday party complete with unwanted guest! Brunch at Bite. Some quality time with Jenny.

Films watched 19th week of the year:

The Punk Singer *
Dirty Girl
The To Do List

* documentary

All films starring or about a female protagonist, but only one standout. I’m actually surprised The To Do List passed The Bechdel Test. The Punk Singer ruled and, while I consider myself a feminist, I didn’t know much about Hanna and Bikini Kill’s history. Watching this film kicked my butt into gear – there is so much more that I want to do to help women’s equality. These days to me, a good documentary feels like a call to action.

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