2014 Week 15: Positive JAM Recipe for Grapefruit Malört Jam

La De Blog - Grapefruit Malort Jam
Grapefruit Malört Jam

Going to the Chicago Food Swap last week inspired me to try some of those things on my cooking bucket list; one of them being JAM. I dreamed up making a grapefruit malört jam. I asked LCB, my guru of all things home cooking, to show me and on Sunday night, we made my dream into a jammmy reality; jam-ality. We tweaked one of the standard recipes and it was GLORIOUS. I’ve never had a jam like it and neither will you! The Malört after-taste is there, but nice and subtle. Use Jeppson’s Malört only, substitutions are stupid!

RECIPE for Grapefruit Malört Jam
3 1/3 cups of grapefruit segments, chopped
1 1/2 cups of grapefruit juice
1/2 cup of Jeppson’s Malort + 1/4 cups added near end of cooking
4 cups of sugar
1 3/4 T Ball Low/No Sugar Needed Pectin

This recipe made 7 half pints of jam. For the grapefruit, remove the membrane & seeds. I wish we’d seen this great FAQ here before tackling the segmentation. 5 medium grapefruits yielded 3 1/3 cups of segments.

This week: Ukrainian Village Community Page Meet-up for Taco Tuesday @ Old Oak Tap. Spontaneous dinner with Stacy @ Thai Village. Anna Vogelzang/Steven Gilpin @ 914. A lonely Saturday. A super packed Sunday: Bongo Room, Mariano’s, Powell’s, Under the Skin @ Landmark, and making jam with LCB!

Films watched 15th week of the year:

Fando y Lis
Under the Skin

In TV watching, I caught up with The Mindy Project, Kitchen Nightmares and watched Treme.

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