2013 Week 34: Potter-twee

La De Blog - Rhoda
Rhoda, the famous black pug of Paper Doll

Did some wedding decoration shopping @ Logan Hardware’s new location. Cinchel @ Whistler. Takito with Jen & Stacy. ICNC boat tour @ Navy Pier. Sold @ Bucktown Arts Fest! Post-BAF dinner @ Chicago Diner.

I feel like some of the fine arts crowd at Bucktown Arts Fest literally turned their noises up at my work. I tried it twice, but next year I’ll be going as an attendee and not a craftsperson. Thankfully, I had awesome booth neighbors. Gone to Pot Art Studio made such beautiful ceramics. Jeanne is the potter and her husband Eric does metalwork display stands for her large pieces and made their booth display shelves. Watching them set-up and tear down was an artform in itself. I am thrilled with the two small bowls now in my VERY wee pottery collection. Denise Feltwerker was next to me and we had some great shop/show talks. Somehow we did not melt. It was so hot that my corn plastic card sleeves shrinkwrapped themselves in the sun – that was a first!

Films watched 34th week of the year:

Crying Ladies ** [ Philippines ]
Butterfly *
The In-Laws

* documentary
** foreign language

Even though I feel like I am a hippie at heart, I laughed out loud at some of the interviews in Butterfly. I stand for her cause, but the documentary was poorly edited and sometimes seemed like an SNL spoof. I *loved* Crying Ladies! Hiring women as professional funeral criers was a new concept to me and I loved the storyline. Very sweet little movie that felt always New Zealand-esque in its moments of extreme wackiness and I got to hear some Tagalog in film!

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