2013 Week 14: Seven Boo-tiful years with my Zachary

La De Blog - 7 Boo-tiful years

Tuesday marked 7 happy years that Zachary and I have spent together. Photo taken by Elisse at Bite. Our friend Dave sent us out some amazing tasty treats. Another reason we love love love Bite.

A week that balanced itself out. Something good would happen and something bad would counter it. Some very stressful stuff happened this week. I am trying to put as much positive energy out into the world as I can and I hope that comes back to me.

Anniversary dinner @ Bite. Hayden @ Schubas. Spin, spin. Dinner @ Chicago Diner with crafty lady pals Val & Amy (and her family) at Chicago Diner. Z had originally planned to go to Cleveland over the weekend, but he has been very sick stomach-wise and had to postpone. I spent another ~5 hours rounding up the last of my stuff I needed for my tax lady at H&R Block. On Saturday, I had my appointment and I am so thrilled to say that they are done! I totally got Pizza Metro 2 to celebrate! Snack @ Fritz Pastry. Breakfast with Z @ Bakin’ & Eggs. A bunch of errand-running. Dinner with Z @ Takito. Purchased wedding gifts for one third of the weddings we have been invited to this year.

TAKITO is my new favorite neighborhood restaurant. It is VERY veg-friendly and GF-friendly! The heart of palm salad is one of the best salads ever. Beverage Manager Adam Weber was talking with Z and I and I pointed out the bottle of Malort on the bar and asked why there wasn’t a Malort cocktail on the menu. Adam said he really should add one and I asked if he could make me one right then. He accepted the challenge and came up with a Malort Old Fashioned on the spot. Go there and ask him to make you one and perhaps he will add it to the menu. Really, it was a treat; tequilay, citrusy, cinnamony and of course malorty! The only thing I dislike about Takito is the metal chairs that only fit tiny bottomed folk. When I went with Stacy previously, a woman at the table next to us had the same complaint and today I heard a table move for the same reason. Even with the silly chairs, I am afraid Takito is going to eclipse Big Star as the place to be this summer even minus the patio.

La De Blog - Malort Old Fashioned @ Takito
Malort Old Fashioned @ Takito

Tweekly make: vegan tacos. It wasn’t fancy, but it was delicious: upton’s chorizo-style seitan, spinach, grape tomatoes, onions, avocado on corn tortillas. Mostly, I’m proud of myself because that night I was so ready to order delivery and then I ended up making these instead.

Films watched 14th week of the year:

Strictly Ballroom
Die Hard with a Vengeance
Female Misbehavior *
Gigante ** [ Uruguay ]

* documentary
** foreign language

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