2013 Week 10: Cha Cha Cha Chia Waffles

La de Blog - Vegan Chia Waffles

Tweekly make: Made the awesome vegan chia waffles from Skinny Jeans Food site. Only sub I did was maple syrup for stevia. Also, let’s just take a moment to talk about how awesome Chia Seeds are? I discovered them when I was doing the Anti-Candida diet in the fall and made a “pudding” with them. I’ve been putting them in nearly all of my smoothies lately. They make the smoothies have a bubble tea type texture, which makes them even more drinkable. I would love to find more recipes that incorporate chia seeds. Have you got any?

This week: Checked in on Taco the turtle. Cinchel @ Burlington. Zine Fest Readings @ 826-CHI. Zine Fest Exhibition. Met longtime internet friend Taryn Hipp! Dinner @ Ground Control. Saw Somebody Up There Likes Me and Nick Offerman in person sporting his mustachioed glory. Zine Fest After Party @ Uncharted Books. Quick drink at claustrophobic Longman & Eagle. Went to Martha Stewart Wedding Party with Rani and I had to cab it home when I started feeling nauseous. I started feeling a bit off around Thursday/Friday. Not sure if it was food poisoning or gastroenteritis, but it is not a lot of fun. Consumed in the last two days: 4 bananas, 1 Cup apple sauce, 3 Cups chicken broth, 3 Cups Ginger Ale, 1 Avocado. I had to stay home from work today. Caught up on Glee in between sleeping. Feeling much better, but now a headache has taken over and still feeling week and having chills/sweats. I should note here that my boo remains the best boo. He took such great care of me and brought me sick supplies while I was feeling so grodypants. What a great booski.

Films watched 10th week of the year:

Groundhog Day
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple *
Morgiana ** [ Czech Republic ]

* documentary
** foreign language

Morgiana was beautiful and I loved it. If you liked Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, then you will enjoy Morgiana, possibly even more so. BEAUTIFUL cinematography. Captivating story. Great score. These are things I wish more films contained. It made me want to read the book even.

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