2013 Resolutions: Let’s wrap last year up and tie it up with a bow.

I did great with all of last year’s resolutions except for the USA stuff. That one has been a hard hurdle to jump over, but slowly and surely, it is becoming easier to find stuff made in the USA.

2012 Resolutions:

  • Update the La De Blog at least once a week.
  • Get fit with Wii Fit.
  • Watch at least one documentary a week.
  • Stop buying so much stuff not “Made in the USA.”
  • 2013’s resolutions are already go and I feel I can keep them up. I just took 2012’s and built on them.

    2013 resolutions:

  • Update the La De Blog once a week.
  • Watch one documentary and one foreign film a week.
  • Make something great once a week. [inspired by my friend Erica’s lovely make great blog. I don’t know for sure that I can make something great every single day, but I can commit to once a week.]
  • Go to at least one new to me restaurant a month.
  • Read at least one book a month.
  • Continue getting fit.
  • Continue buying “Made in the USA” as often as possible.
  • Every Wednesday will be Vegan Vednesday!
  • 1 thought on “2013 Resolutions: Let’s wrap last year up and tie it up with a bow.

    1. Yay! happy I inspired you. i had a good time following your blog as well – love all the movie recommendations, especially documentaries (so when you say watch it, i definitely try to make it a point to, if its on netflix at least!)

      happy 2013 leigh! Hope to see you soon!

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