2012 Week 40: “And I sing my heart…”

Jason Anderson @ Den, again. Was a brilliant and intimate show. Nonstop singalong. He played in the actual Den part of the Den time time ’round on their piano with everyone sitting on couches or the floor. If you have not heard Jason, you really need to. He has a BandCamp and a Facebook. Do yourself a favor! The show was with Shelley Miller and Steven Gilpin. Great songsmiths and a great night.

This week: Watched the debate. Went to Boiler Room for Friends & Fun meetup. Went to a friend’s birthday party.

Candida Update: did a bentonite clay/psyllium cleanse today. First one went differently than I thought it would. Not going to go into that on here. Now I must sleep so Jason can watch the Parks & Rec. he missed.

Films watched 40th week of the year:

Shining Through
I Sell the Dead
The Arbor*
Winnie the Pooh (2011)
The Lie


Shining Through will always be one of my favorite movies. Damn, it holds up great too and the SCORE is incredible. Pariah was also really good. I had been looking forward to it for some time and it delivered.

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