2012 Week 37: Congrats to Jess & Tom!

Dragon pen pictured above has nothing to do with Jess & Tom’s wedding, but happens to be a pen that I picked up for Alison at the McCutcheon rest stop in Indiana. Alison and I had previously picked up different dragon pens at what I believe was this rest stop, so this one was in ode to the first, but way more metal. Woo!

Big news this week is that we went to Jess & Tom’s wedding in Cleveland. Jess is Z’s sister and I’m glad to have him in my almost family. We also had our follow-up appointment with Tilda’s behaviorist. Because Tilda has done well with the doggy drugs, the appointment went well. Just need to keep working with our awesome trainer Erik.

Planning to get back to my regular gym schedule this week and launch the LAK lacquer line on Etsy later this week if I have time to take swatch photos. Any lady pals that want to come over and let me paint your nails and take photos, just say the word!

Films watched 37th week of the year:

Martha Marcy May Marlene
High School* (Wiseman)
Jiro Dreams of Sushi*
War Horse


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