2012 Week 24: “oh no, the numbers don’t lie…”

Mynabirds @ Schubas

This week I took it easy. Got to do some Beth catching up mid-week and otherwise caught up on much needed sleep. It was bike to work week and I biked 4/5 days. Go me! On Friday night, Z and I finally tried Filo, a gluten-free restaurant at Augusta & Western. It surpassed any expectations we went in with. The blackened tofu was definitely one of the more memorable vegetarian entrees I have eaten. My soup, entree, and dessert was $12. I don’t know how you can get a better deal that that in Chicago. After that, we walked to Amish Healthy Foods to return our egg crates and get more eggs. As serendipity would have, it we ran into our friend Jess and her pup Mitch. We got to see her new place and she came over to meet Tilda. Then Jess and I met up with Kirstie & Jason at Old Oak Tap. At Amish Healthy Foods, we had also bought duck eggs, which I cooked scrambled with goat cheese on Saturday morning. I was not as impressed as I figured I’d be. Later Saturday I went with Z to the De Molen beer tasting at West Lakeview Liquors and then to the last Urban Folk Circuit of the season. Then today I went with LCB and Kimmi to The Mynabirds at Schubas. It is so cool seeing a friend from DC starting to “make it” in the music world. Saw lots of folks singing along to all the words. It seems like they could be one of those bands who will fly up, up, and away!

On Saturday morning, I got on the Wii Fit Plus and it registered that I had lost the 20 lbs. that I had set for myself as a goal on it. I still don’t see it anywhere except for my face, but friends and co-workers say that they have noticed. Now on to the next 20! I am contemplating joining a gym again, but the last two times I did that I never went.

ALSO, big and awesome news! I got into Renegade Chicago! This was super big news that I was not actually expecting to hear this time ’round. This means I have to step up my game. I applied to be matched up randomly with a partner. Excited to see who I am paired with! Whee. Need to pick which veggie vampires to make as tea towels next. If you have any ideas, please comment here!

Films watched 24th week of the year:

The Fighter
The Kennel Murder Case
The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls*
The Hourglass Sanatorium


Earthlings really effected me. I would recommend that everyone watch it. Not the best documentary I’ve ever seen and Joaquin Phoenix sounds like he is reading from a cue card, but the way the information was laid out really hit home for me. I’m giving vegetarianism another try again as a result.

3 thoughts on “2012 Week 24: “oh no, the numbers don’t lie…”

  1. Congratulations on getting into Renegade! I may watch Earthlings too! I didn’t know you were going to try to give vegetarianism another chance! That’s wonderful! FYI when I went veg, I lost at least 20 pounds from that alone. Congrats on your successes! I know how difficult it can be!

  2. Maybe FIlo has some soup I can eat! 🙂 I can’t find a menu online anywhere so I’ll have to call and ask I guess. Anyhow, would love to go there with you sometime.

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