2012 Week 21: A memorable Memorial weekend.

Z’s parents finally got to see Puppet Bike in action! Puppet Bike is the absolute best thing about Chicago. It fills Z and I with so much JOY!

I am still resetting. There was a work event on Tuesday night that was fun to be a part of. Got to see a sneak peek of Moonrise Kingdom. Had a great time with Z’s parents in town for the weekend. Went out to lots of tasty places to eat. Went on the Chicago Architectural Foundation River Cruise. Walked around a LOT. Somehow I’m at my lowest weight again, even after putting all of this food into my belly. Huzzah! Z’s parents wanted to buy us a patio set as an engagement present and today Z and I went to Home Depot and picked one out. According to our landlord, there may/may not be a wounded raccoon in our enclosed back porch, so the boxes are in the living room for the moment. I hope we can put the set together tomorrow and that animal control confirms the raccoon is gone. On Sunday, we went to an excellent bbq which left me with a headache all morning and required two naps to kick. I have always been a big fan of naps.

I really need to start creating new things. So far this year, I’ve been rejected from two craft fairs; Constructor (Berwyn, IL), which is not all that surprising, but I didn’t get into one of my favorite shows ever; Coterie (Chicago, IL) at Pitchfork. The truth is, I am not wholly surprised at that either as I have not made anything new since the winter fair season. I always take a hiatus after the holidays, but I can’t let the negative things that have happened so far this year weigh me down creatively. If anything, I need to use those as a diving board into making new opportunities. Gotta get my creativi-twee back up to par so I can apply to DIY Trunk Show and Renegade Craft Fair Chicago with the vim and vigor I usually have.

Films watched 21st week of the year:

Chemerical: Redefining Clean for a New Generation*
Temple Grandin
Moonrise Kingdom
Carnage (Polanski)
The Iron Lady
Revenge of the Nerds
Pirahna (2010)


Moonrise Kingdom was definitely the most enjoyable and may be tied with The Royal Tenenbaums for my fave Wes Anderson film now. The font may tip it over the top. Actually, I just found out it was HAND LETTERED by one Jessica Hische. AMAZING. Now it definitely wins. Also, I don’t remember Revenge of the Nerds being so g-d creepy with the videotaping scene where they “got even with the Pis” and the rape scene. A quick google search finds that a lot of others feel the same way. It is really hard to believe that this was okay in the 80’s. I feel like if this movie was released today, it would be fought tooth and nail.

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