Free Halloween Coloring Book Printable – Coloring Boo(k) 2018

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Many people have food allergies or dietary restrictions. Placing a teal pumpkin outside signals you have non-food items to hand out on Halloween. The Food Allergy Research & Education’s (FARE) Teal Pumpkin Project inspired me to compile this coloring book to be printed and handed out for free. Great for trick-or-treaters or as a favor at a Halloween party!

For further information about Teal Pumpkin Project:

Coloring Boo 2018 Download:

Full-Size PDF
(8 pages, double-sided)

Half-Size PDF
(2 pages, double-sided)

Quarter-Size PDF
(4 pages, double-sided)

Thank you so much to my artist pals! Support them by buying their art. All artists retain complete copyright over their work.

Coloring Boo 2018 Contributing Artists:
Allison Ramirez
Betsy Siber
Britton Walters (nerfect)
Claudia Aguilar (partly claudia crafts)
Donovan Beeson (Letters Writers Alliance)
Kevin Alvir
Leigh Kelsey (Rhymes with Twee)
Lesley Graves
Meghan Ansbach
Michelle Diaz (MDiazMakes)
Mikey Anderson (Yarnies! by Mikey)
Minsu Arena-Kim
Tony Recktenwald
Voz Perkins (fishcakes designs)

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Hope you enjoy!

(Rhymes with Twee)

2013 Week 38: RSV-Twee

La De Blog - Z @ Hala Kahiki
Z & his volcano @ Kala Kahiki

La De Blog - Kimmi & apples
Kimmi & apples @ Kuiper’s

We sent invites to 147 people. Our RSVPs were due back September 19th. A week before our RSVP date we hadn’t heard from over 40 people. A day after our RSVPs were due, we still hadn’t gotten cards back from 17 people, so I started texting and calling people. The absolute worst thing about wedding planning was getting the No RSVPs. It was painstaking going through our friends and picking out who to invite in the first place, so getting back each No RSVP was a true bummer. There are people I had always, always imagined there on Z and my wedding day and a shocking number of those people are not coming. And I have to be okay with it.

This week: Clean-up work on placecard holders. Went to look at wholesale flowers and brainstorming ideas. Got marriage license and celebratory Dimo’s pizza! Picked out new glasses for Z with Z. Met with caterer re: menu. I missed Vegan Mania, which was lame of me, but all of the planning has just zapped all remaining energy out of me. Drinks @ Hala Kahiki with satellite Friends & Fun group. Apple picking @ Kuiper’s with LCB & Kimmi. Linner @ Bite with LCB. Talked over the ceremony with our officiant. I feel like I am becoming this creepy gal who can only talk about her wedding, but I am trying to not be that gal. I forced myself to have two human interaction hangs that did not involve Z and my wedding this week. WOO!

No spin this week either and I feel totally gross about it because I know that once I am actually in the spin room, it would help me shrug off some of this tension, but I could not bring myself to go. Have been eating pretty darn great and exercising with biking, walking, and Wii-ing (hee). Must get back on the (spin) bike. Literally.

Films watched 38th week of the year:

Shaun of the Dead
The Woman Who Wasn’t There *
Beyond the Candelabra
War Witch ** [ Republic of Congo ]

* documentary
** foreign language